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Nowra Private Hospital debuts new procedure designed to help those suffering from chronic pain 

Shoalhaven and South Coast residents now have access to a new medical technique to manage pain from Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis with the introduction of Cooled Radio Frequency Ablation (Cooled RFA) at Nowra Private Hospital. 

Cooled RFA offers osteoarthritis sufferers a new non-surgical, opioid free alternative designed to manage pain and improve joint function. 

Local Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Paul Thornton-Bott, is the first doctor in the region to offer this procedure.

“For many patients with Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis, pain relief is paramount to allow them to live comfortably, move around, sleep and work,” Dr Thornton-Bott said. 

“Traditionally, non-operative management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis includes physiotherapy, pain relief medication, weight loss programs and steroid injections. 

“While these are all great options, there comes a point where these treatments may fail to control a patient’s pain. Also, some patients prefer to avoid opioid based meds that can cause drowsiness and possibly even addiction. 
“Cooled RFA essentially puts select nerves “to sleep”. The nerves around the selected Hip or Knee are temporarily deactivated and will stop firing signals to the brain. The nerves targeted are sensory nerves, transmitting pain signals, and not nerves supplying muscles. As such, there should be no functional deficit after the RFA, only pain relief.” 
Dr Thornton-Bott said as well as being non-surgical and opioid free, the minimally invasive procedure is designed to leave no scarring and is done as a day case under mild anaesthetics. 

Nowra Private Hospital CEO, Prue Buist, said: “Nowra Private Hospital is continually looking for new ways to provide quality health care options for our patients.

“We’re proud to offer Cooled RFA at Nowra Private Hospital so the local community can access a new alternative for chronic pain relief, close to home.” 

Click Here to download our COOLIEF* Cooled Radiofrequency: A Minimally Invasive, Non-Opioid Procedure Brochure.