Nowra Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

When you leave


Discharge time is 10.00am.

Your Doctor will advise when you are ready to return home. Please consider that delays may occur at discharge to enable medical visits to take place pre-discharge. If departure is after 10:00 am you will be accommodated in our transit lounge until your discharge. Please ensure that you take all of your possessions with you, including all x-rays that you brought to hospital and any x-rays that were taken during your stay. It is advisable to check all cupboards and drawers before leaving.

Remember to take home all of your medications.

Transport Home

Please check with your Doctor whether you are able to drive yourself home. Whilst you may ‘feel fine’, the effects of your medication may mean that it would be dangerous for you to drive. You are not permitted to drive for 24 hours following a general anaesthetic. We recommended that you arrange for a relative or friend to drive you home alternatively a taxi can be called for you by the Reception staff at your own expense.


You will have been asked to pay the excess not recoverable by your private health fund on admission, any additional costs that you may have accrued during your stay should be paid prior to discharge. On the day of discharge you will be advised to exit the hospital via reception to finalise any extra charges and to ensure that all forms necessary for claiming through your Health Fund are signed.

Discharge Planning

Many people will require no special services following discharge from hospital. Others require only minimal assistance to help them manage at home. What will you need to do in order to manage when you return home? Staff at Nowra, together with you, your family and carer, can assist in planning for your discharge. Planning for discharge is important so that when you return home you will make the best possible recovery in the shortest time possible. Planning for your discharge means that you won’t have to stay in hospital any longer than you need.

Our discharge planners are available to help coordinate all your discharge care needs. Please do not hesitate to ask your nursing staff to contact them to assist you.